Premier Card


  • Pay the most favourable rate with a saving of up to 50% on the daily tariff
  • Use the ticket as often as you like (within your set period)
  • No need to visit the pay station - simply enter and exit the facility!

The Flexi15 Premier Card provides 15 hours of quality parking a week, ideal for the part-time worker! This Premier Card can be used on any day of the week.


How does a Premier Card work?


You will be issued with a card that will be pre-programmed to allow you access to the car park. Simply wave your premier card at the entry terminal and exit terminal to enter and exit the car park. 



Request a quote?

Q-Park would be delighted to send you a quote for a Flexi15 Premier Card.

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Payments  We accept BACS, cheque, payment over the phone.



Click here for Premier Card Terms and Conditions.

*Subject to individual car park opening times and terms and conditions.

*Parking over and above the 15 hours will be charged at the full tariff and an invoice will be sent via email.

*Unused hours per week do not roll over to the next week.

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