Premier Card

Unlimited Reserved

Unlimited Reserved
  • 7 days a week
  • Reserved space in the car park
  • Pay the most favourable rate with a saving of up to 50% on the daily tariff
  • No need to visit the pay station - simply enter and exit the facility!

An Unlimited Reserved Premier Card is for you if you frequently park in the same car park and you prefer to have your own space.


This pass gives you the same benefits as a Unlimited Premier Card with the bonus of having a dedicated parking space in the car park.


How does Unlimited Reserved Premier Card work?


You will be issued with a card that will be pre-programmed to allow you access to the car park. Simply wave your premier card at the entry terminal and exit terminal to enter and exit the car park. 


Your dedicated parking space will be waiting for you with a reserved sign tailored to your needs. 



Request a quote?

Q-Park would be delighted to send you a quote for an Unlimited Reserved Premier Card.

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We accept BACS, payment over the phone and now by Direct Debit. You can set up payments by Direct Debit to save you time and manage costs. If required please complete the Direct Debit Mandate and return by email to 



Refer a Friend

If you are an existing Q-Park Premier Card holder and you refer a friend, we’ll reward you both with €25 when they purchase a Q-Park Premier Card.


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Click here for Premier Card Terms and Conditions.

*subject to individual car park opening times and terms and conditions.

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