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Q-Park Eyre Square introduces barcode entry system for online bookings
Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Q-Park Eyre Square car park introduces Ireland’s first barcode entry system for online bookings

Q-Park, Ireland’s leading off-street parking provider, has introduced a novel way for their customers to now enter their Eyre Square Car Park on Merchant’s Road, Eyre Square, Galway. Having taken over the parking facility in 2012, Q-Park have invested heavily in an effort to improve the overall parking experience for customers and this new addition to the service is the next step towards achieving this goal.


Booking your parking online is a relatively new concept which most people would not be familiar with or even consider doing. However, it is a channel that is growing year-on-year for Q-Park Ireland with more and more customers using it for both convenience sake and better value. The Q-Park online booking system was a first for off-street parking in Ireland when introduced in late 2011 and illustrates Q-Park’s continued commitment to innovation in parking.


The good news is that Q-Park customers in Galway can now book their parking via the Q-Park website, and use a brand new, state of the art barcode entry system when they arrive at the car park. Customers can choose from between a 24hr product, a day parking product (8am to 6pm) and an evening parking product (6pm to 12am). After a booking is made, the customer receives a confirmation of their booking which contains a unique barcode. When the customer first enters the Eyre Square car park, they simply scan this barcode at the scanner located at the entry barrier at which point they will be issued with a parking ticket valid for the stay period for which they have purchased online. If a customer happens to over-stay this period, they simply insert this ticket into any paystation located in the car park and pay the balance before leaving.


This new system facilitates quick entry to and egress from the Q-Park Eyre Square facility with no need to use paystations or visit the customer service desk in order to have a ticket validated. This saves both valuable time and money and improves the overall parking experience. Let’s face it, most people want parking to be as stress-free as possible and with this new system in Eyre Square, Q-Park are doing what they can at their end to deliver a stress-free service.


Q-Park Eyre Square look forward to welcoming online bookers during April and beyond.