Q-Park Corporate

Q-Park Corporate

Q-Park is an international off-street parking company, focused on high quality parking facilities at strategic locations. The main focus lies within multifunctional urban parking, parking at public transport interchanges and parking at hospitals.


Q-Park is taking a long term perspective and from a solid financial basis. The shareholders are institutional investors including pension funds and insurers.


Q-Park is the promise of "Quality in parking" where by:


  • Attention to the needs of the customer.
  • Effective products and services.
  • Engaged employees focus on four core values.
  • Optimizing operations.
  • Investing in design, development or renovation of parking facilities.
  • Investing in relationships, ethics and social importance


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Annual Report 2016

Q-Park closed 2016 with very good results. We have continued the upward trend on revenue growth, EBITDA, and net result that commenced in 2015. The revenue increased by 2.0% compared to 2015 and amounts to EUR 825.0 million.

Click Here for full Annual Report 2016 

Key Figures:

 Net Results x(EUR million)    2016   2015   2014  2013 
 Total Revenues  825  809.1  768.8  742.2
 Operational Results  183.8   174.9   174.7   174.6 

 Business Volumes   2016   2015   2014   2013 
 FTEs  2,152   2,180   2,199   2,218 
 Parking Facilities  6,343  6,195  6,142  5,920
 Parking Spaces  871,449   835,626   836,473   805,320 

Where to park

Where to park