Pre-book Parking FAQ

Pre-book Parking FAQ

Q. How do I book a parking space?
A. Log on to and choose the car park that you wish to book from the drop down ‘car park’ list. There are 4 screens to fill in, including your payment details. You do not need your car registration.


If you have opened the booking page for one car park, and then you wish to view details or book a different car park, please select 'Change car park'.

Q. Can I book more than one space at a time?
A. Yes, you can book any number of car spaces under the same booking. You will be provided with a different reference number for each space that you book.

Q. How can I pay?
A. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, or Visa Debit. Currently you can use Laser when booking spaces at some of our parking facilities. We are upgrading the booking system to accept Laser on all sites. (See list at end of this document for which online sites accept Laser currently).

Q. Can I use an electronic tag for payment?
A. This service is not for tag holders. If you are a tag holder, and you wish to use this service, please take a ticket at the entry barrier, and go to the Customer Service Desk after you park your car. Taking a ticket at the entry barrier, cancels out your tag activation. You will not get billed on your tag account.

Q. How do I know that my booking has been accepted?
A. You will receive a confirmation notice as soon as your booking is complete. You will also be sent an email confirming the booking. You can choose to receive your booking reference by SMS at a cost of 12c. This service is optional.

Q. If I book for 24 hours, when does the 24 hours start?
A. If you book for 24 hours, you can arrive at any time during opening hours. The 24 hour period starts as soon as you pull a ticket at the entry barrier.

Q. What do I do if I don’t receive a booking confirmation?
A. The booking has not been completed successfully and the process should be carefully repeated. If you completed the online process and did not receive booking confirmation, please check that the email is not blocked by your server, or classified as spam. Also write down your booking reference and bring it with you when parking.
You do not need to bring the booking confirmation page with you. You only need your booking reference number.

Q. Are my booking details secure?
A. Please rest assured that your personal data is safe. Every booking is completed via SSL protocol.

Q. Is it possible to amend or cancel a booking?
A. If you wish to amend a booking. Please contact ParkMagic up to 72 hours prior to arriving on tel. 0818 22 01 07.(9am to 5pm).

It is not possible to cancel a booking, or get a refund on bookings completed.

Q. Do parking charges at Q-Park include VAT?
Yes, all parking charges include VAT at 23%.

Q. Arrival and parking instructions
A. Drive up to the barrier as normal. Take a ticket. Park your car in any parking space available and importantly, go straight to the customer service desk, as soon as you park your car*. Bring your ticket and your reference number to the customer service desk in the car park. The Parking Host will give you an exit ticket.
You do not need to bring a print-out of the reservation with you. We believe in making the process as simple, and environmentally friendly as possible.


*In the interest of other customers, we ask that you go straight to the customer service desk after parking your car. Otherwise, we will be saving a space for you, which could be used by another customer.

Q. What do I do if there is no Q-Park employee at the customer service desk when I park my car?
Parking Hosts are not on duty during all opening hours at all car parks.
Please check the times on our website as to when Parking Hosts are on duty.
Sometimes, the parking host may not be at the customer service desk, please contact him/her when you return or press the intercom for immediate assistance.

Q. Is it possible to reserve a space suitable for people with disabilities?
A. Yes it is. Book online as per the normal process. Select ‘Parking for people with disabilities’ on the booking page. Your space will be reserved for you. A sign on your space will quote your booking reference. When you arrive at the entry barrier, press the intercom to speak to the Parking Host, who will tell you where your space is reserved, or alternatively you can ring the car park in advance to find out the location of your reserved space. All of our car parks have dedicated spaces for people with disabilities, and they are located close to entry and exit areas, or lifts.

Q. What happens if I park for longer than I pre-booked?
A. Before exiting the car park, insert the ticket given to you by the Parking Host when you arrived, and insert it at any of the pay machines to pay the additional fee owed before going to your car.

Q. Who can I contact if I have questions or difficulties booking?
A. For technical queries, please contact ParkMagic on 0818 22 01 07 (9am to 5pm).
For questions relating to the parking facilities, please contact Q-Park on 01 878 8957 (9am to 5pm).
If you have difficulties while in the parking facility, simply go to the customer service desk, or press the intercom button at the entry/exit barrier.

Q. How do I provide feedback? We greatly appreciate any feedback that will help us to improve any products, services and the overall customer experience. T. Q-Park on 01 878 8957 (9am to 5pm). 
There is also a facility to provide feedback on the pre-booking website.

Where to park

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