Premier Card

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles
  • 7 days a week
  • Pay the most favourable rate with a saving of up to 50% on the daily tariff
  • Use the ticket as often as you like (within your set period)
  • No need to visit the pay station - simply enter and exit the facility!
Electric vehicle drivers get 25% off a guaranteed parking space.

As a regular customer, the Unlimited Premier Card gives you entry and exit without any restrictions 7 days a week (Monday to Sunday) and 24 hours a day* at your regular Q-Park car park.


How does a Premier Card work?


You will be issued with a card that will be pre-programmed to allow you access to the car park. Simply wave your premier card at the entry terminal and exit terminal to enter and exit the car park. 


What is an Electric Vehicle Premier Card?


An Electric Vehicle Premier Card is the same as our Unlimited Premier Card, but drivers receive 25% off the Premier Card price. Electric cars must be fully electric, zero emissions vehicles. 



Request a quote?

Q-Park would be delighted to send you a quote for an Electric Vehicle Premier Card.

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  • Offer only available for unlimited annual Premier Cards
  • Must provide copy of Vehicle Registration Certificate document for proof of electric vehicle
  • Click here for Premier Card Terms and Conditions.

*subject to individual car park opening times and terms and conditions.

 *subject to individual car park opening times and terms and conditions.


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