What is Tap and Go? 


Q-Park has launched a ‘Tap & Go’ parking system allowing customers to enter and exit the car park simply by using your contactless card.

You no longer need to visit the pay station before you leave the car park, you simply “Tap and Go” at entry and exit with your contactless bank card.

With 'Tap & Go' you can have a truly contactless parking experience!

How does it work?

Tap and Go is widely available in locations where you see the new contactless icon.   contactless payment graphic

To save you time, tap or insert your contactless bank card at the entrance barrier and again as you exit. Your card will be recognised at both points. 

Where can I use Tap and Go? 

Tap and Go is live across Ireland. Look out for the icon when you arrive at the car park.

How secure is it?

A secure payment will be taken from the card holder after the visit. The retail amount available to spend on contactless is €50. Tap and Go accepts MasterCard or Visa credit and debit cards.

If the barrier does not lift, you may have exceeded the €50 limit. You will be required to pay the remaining amount at the pay machine.

  1. Simply insert your bank card into the pay machine
  2. The balance will be highlighted on the display
  3. Make payment of the remaining balance
  4. Tap to exit at the barrier when leaving
  5. Tap and Go does not work in conjunction with promotional vouchers or hotel partner discounts.

Click here for full terms and conditions.  

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