How we are ensuring your safety if you need to park

As the lockdown eases we are acutely aware that footfall in city centres is likely to rise. We want to provide peace of mind for our customers that we are taking measures to ensure that our car parks can still be used whilst adhering to social distancing. To that end we are installing floor markings in the areas of the car park where customers are likely to queue on foot. We are also increasing the frequency in which we clean and disinfect any area that a customers has to touch. 

We do still have a few pieces of advice that we want customers to adhere to:

1. Social Distancing

Please stay at least 2 metres apart from other customers. You need to queue onto the parking area or outside the facility so please be aware of other vehicles. Please ensure that only one person or one group of people from the same household use the lifts at a time. We will be installing floor markings near to our pay stations to encourage you to keep apart from others whilst queuing. 

2. Enter and Exit with your Contactless Card

The most contact free way to enter and exit the car park is by using your contactless card. Simply tap your card at the barrier on the way in and then do the same on the way out. This will ensure you do not need to join any queues at the pay stations and you won't need to touch any equipment that has been touched recently by others. Find out more how to do this here.

3. Wash your Hands

Lastly we'd like to ask that when you reach your place of work or home that you wash your hands thoroughly. Please follow the NHS advice to wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds. If you struggle to time this accurately then sing 'Happy Birthday' twice and you will reach 20 seconds! Find the official NHS guidance here

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