Q-Park discount card for retail staff

During the COVID-19 pandemic the advice people are advised to avoid public transport. With non-essential retail starting to open up as the lockdown eases many shop staff are needing to return to the shops but have no means to get there.

Q-Park are delighted to have teamed up with local retailers to provide a discounted daily rate of just €8 for staff members at Q-Park Carroll's Quay. Staff members who apply will receive a Top Up Card that credit can be added to. This is then used at the barriers each day and the amount is then deducted, these can then be topped up at the pay station using a credit or debit card.

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Looking for ways to save even more?

Download the Q-Park Rewards app, register your payment cards and receive 10% cashback on your parking spend. (and extra at our retail partners!) Click here to find out more!

If you are able to pay for parking up front for either 3 or 12 months then we can offer a discount to retail staff for a Premier Card that can be even less than €5 per day. Enquire online and quote CQ2020 to receive your quote


* Offer only available to Retail Staff who provide a copy of their staff ID on collection of the Top Up Card

* Each time the card is used to leave the car park the amount is deducted from the credit on the card

*Subject to availability



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