Q-Park offer solution to Dublin Airport parking crisis

Q-Park are ready to provide their parking facilities as a method of easing the parking pressure that is currently occurring at Dublin Airport.


Q-Park are ready to provide their parking facilities as a method of easing the parking pressure that is currently occurring at Dublin Airport.

Dublin Airport is currently facing a severe parking crisis, with a significant shortage of available spaces causing immense frustration among travellers. The increasing popularity of air travel post-COVID, coupled with the Airport's limited parking infrastructure, has exacerbated the situation. Long queues for full parking facilities and a lack of alternative options have become common occurrences, leaving passengers scrambling for suitable parking arrangements. These issues are causing frustrations for the Airport’s stakeholders including airlines such as Ryanair. They suggested that the Airport open nearby fields that are part of their demise to park customer vehicles, something the Airport dismissed as ‘Simplistic Nonsense’.

Q-Park has a long and proud history of working within the local community to help resolve parking problems and have built up countless examples of doing this. Their solution to help ease the pressure on Dublin Airport’s parking infrastructure is to direct customers to park in Q-Park The Spire in the City Centre. Q-Park have operated this 577 space parking facility for many years, it is located just off O’Connell Street north of the River Liffey.

The question is why would a traveller park in the City Centre when the airport is outside of Dublin entirely?

Q-Park have set up discounted parking products for 7 days, 10 days and 14 days targeted towards those who are parking for a longer period whilst they travel abroad. Safe and secure parking in Dublin City Centre for €8 per day is definitely not something to be ignored. Secondly, Dublin Airport is easily accessible via other transport methods from the North end of the City Centre where Q-Park The Spire is located. A taxi only takes approximately 20 minutes to travel from the car park to the Drop Off Zone of the Departure Terminal. Bus travel is also quick and cost effective. Customers exiting Q-Park The Spire on foot are advised to walk 2 minutes up the road to Bus Stop 281 on O'Connell St Upper. If they then hop on the number 700 Airport Shuttle Bus for 3 stops. In just over half an hour, they will be at the Departures Terminal of Dublin Airport. Q-Park remains open to working together with other transport providers to integrate this process even further.

John Denton, Head of Commercial at Q-Park Ireland commented ‘It is time for those with parking expertise to work together to create innovative solutions to the Dublin Airport Parking crisis and that is exactly what we at Q-Park are doing. We look forward to receiving our first Airport customers for this summer peak season.’

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