Q-Park sign electric vehicle charging agreement with EB Charging

Q-Park today announces a new deal with EB Charging, a Blink Charging (NASDAQ: BLNK, BLNKW) company for an initial rollout of nearly 600 charging points across 80 sites in the UK and Ireland.

Q-Park today announces a new deal with EB Charging, a Blink Charging (NASDAQ: BLNK, BLNKW) company for an initial rollout of nearly 600 charging points across 80 sites in the UK and Ireland.

With this commitment to the installation of EV charging infrastructure, Q-Park further reinforces its reputation as one of the most forward-thinking sustainable parking operators in the UK and Ireland. The addition of these chargers adds to their expansive network of city centre charging infrastructure in the country, numbering over 250 public electric vehicle charging points across their asset portfolio.

In addition to the public EV charging points, Q-Park have Mobility Hubs which include the provision of rapid fleet charging solutions, such as those in the Q-Park Park Lane Mobility Hub in London, recently nominated for a European Parking Award. These schemes reaffirm Q-Park's commitment to leading the way in our sector for the provision of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

EB Charging recently acquired by global EV charging infrastructure company, Blink Charging, is a leading owner and operator of EV charging infrastructure and sustainable energy technologies. EB works with local authorities and businesses to create the infrastructure the UK needs to meet the local and national net zero carbon and air quality targets and prepare for the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans.

As part of this agreement. EB Charging will be responsible for the installation of the EV charging hardware and the management of the charging provision, including a 24/7 customer support service to Q-Park customers who park and charge.

Q-Park will invest over £3m in the UK and Ireland on the rollout of initially over 600 electric vehicle charging points across their estate of parking facilities. Installations are due to commence in July 2022 and will include the modernisation of the existing charging infrastructure with the latest state-of-the-art hardware. On completion of this significant deployment programme, discussions will start on future phases with Q-Park eager to remain at the forefront of electric charging in the parking market.

Adam Bidder, Managing Director of Q-Park UK and Ireland commented ” The world is changing and we’re happy to contribute with our portfolio and operations to the new environment we are in. We already lead the way on electric vehicle charging in the private parking sector, even so we undertook a lengthy consultation process to ensure that we found the correct strategic partner to add value to our existing parking and charging proposition.”

Alex Calnan, Managing Director of EB Charging added: “We are delighted to reach this historic agreement with Q-Park UK and Ireland. This ambitious project delivers substantial benefits to Q-Park's customers and accelerates the electric charging points as the demand for charging increases. Both EB Charging and Blink look forward to working closely with the team at Q-Park, and together, help clean the air that we breathe as we provide for more electric vehicles.”

About Q-Park

Q-Park is notable for its quality approach and has a portfolio comprising over 3,300 parking facilities with more than 640,000 parking spaces in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Ireland and Denmark.

About EB Charging

EB Charging is a leading UK based provider of integrated electric vehicle charging solutions, with over 1100 charge points installed or contracted in the UK for over 50 local authorities, NHS trusts, universities, colleges, schools and private businesses. Services include planning, installing and operating destination chargers on street, in car parks and worksites.

In April, EB Charging were acquired by NASDAQ listed charging giant Blink Charging Co. Blink Charging Co. is a leader in electric vehicle charging equipment and has deployed over 30,000 charging ports across 18 countries, many of which are networked EV charging stations, enabling EV drivers to easily charge at any of the Company’s charging locations worldwide. With global EV purchases forecasted to rise to 10 million vehicles by 2025 from approximately 2 million in 2019, Blink has established key strategic partnerships for rolling out adoption across numerous location types which is why the purchase of EB Charging and this agreement with Q-Park were so crucial to them.

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