How Q-Park add value for Premier Card holders

The Smart Upgrade is the latest innovation from Q-Park that can add value to their Premier Card customers who have long-term contracts with them.

The Smart Upgrade is the latest innovation from Q-Park that can add value to their Premier Card customers who have long-term contracts with them.

Q-Park have offered Premier Cards for many years. They are ideal for those who either live or work near a Q-Park parking facility because paying for these annual quarterly or monthly contracts can work out up to 50% less than paying at the car park every day. Added to this rather than having to visit a pay machine every day, Premier Card holders can simply tap in and out of the parking facility at the barrier.

There are a wide range of different products ranging from 24/7 access to those that offer a set number of hours of parking per month, introduced during the pandemic to support the new hybrid working environments. Discounted products are also available for those who live within a kilometre of the parking facility and also those that drive fully electric vehicles, Q-Park are confident that in their extensive product range, they can find the Premier Card to match the customers parking requirements.

A common piece of feedback from customers was that they wanted to be able to use their Premier Cards at other car parks at a discounted rate, so for example a customer with a Premier Card at Q-Park Grand Parade in Cork wanted to park at Q-Park Setanta in Dublin on a day trip to the Nation’s capital. Whilst due to technical reasons this was not possible previously, this feedback was taken on board and upgrades to parking equipment has been made to be able to offer this market leading service which is known as the Smart Upgrade.

Once Premier Card holders opt into the Smart Upgrade and change from using a physical card to using ANPR, they are able to drive into nearly all Q-Park parking facilities in Ireland seamlessly. The cameras would identify the Number Plate as a Smart Upgrade and the barrier would simply raise on entry and exit without the need of the access card. No payment needs to be made onsite and the fees for their stay are taken on a monthly basis via direct debit including a generous 15% discount on the standard tariffs of the parking facility they visited.

The invitation is open to all Premier Card holders and there are no fees associated with adding this upgrade to a customers account. This can be applied for here 

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Q-Park is notable for its quality approach and has a portfolio comprising over 3,300 parking facilities with more than 640,000 parking spaces in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Ireland and Denmark.

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