3 Steps to be live with your Number Plate

Step 1 Activate your MyQ-Park Account if you haven’t already!

  • If you have ordered your Premier Card on our website you have already done this
  • If you have ordered from a quote sent via a member of our sales team you will shortly receive an activation email from our system to do this
  • Do not do any of the next steps until this is done. If you have not received the activation email please speak to a member of our sales team who can resend this for you
  • Follow the instructions on the email to set up your MyQ-Park account, on this portal you can update your details and view or pay invoices
Step 2 Download the Q-Park app from IOS or Android stores and login using your MyQ-Park credentials. This is not the Q-Park Rewards app


Step 3 Follow the instructions on the app to register your Number Plate on the system

  • You can add as many Number Plates into the app as you choose. If you have one season ticket you can then allocate one of the Number Plates to provide access.
  • If the vehicle you have chosen to give access to is not in the car park you can change which vehicle you want to provide this to and the update on the parking equipment is made straight away.
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