Brite Electric Mobility Sharing

A day out to see the sights, a shopping trip, a meeting across town. There are many reasons to use one of Brite’s zero carbon transport devices from select Q-Park sites to get around town. With your first twenty minutes free you now have no excuse to #bebrite!
Which Q-Park can I rent ebikes from? Currently, Brite Ebikes are available from Q-Park Spire (Dublin), RCSI (Dublin) and Eyre Square (Galway). Brite will be launching in other Q-Park locations soon. E-mopeds will be available in June 2022. Download the app and check out ebikes and emopeds available in the app with the vehicle icon.
How can I start using Brite?

You should download the Brite Mobility app ahead of your visit to Q-Park. You will be required to verify your ID in the app so as Brite can confirm who you are and offer you their rider accident insurance.

Visit for app download links

How much does it cost?

Please click here to check out Brite's regular pricing. It is a pay as you go method so once you start you are paying for your rental until it comes back. Enter code QPARKBRITEFLY on the Brite app and receive €5 credit into your account! (Offer ends 13/9/22)

Where can I go? You can cycle anywhere you like as long as you bring your bike back! Enjoy the sights, pause the bike when not in use to lock it. The bikes are GPS tracked. For after hours entry please see Brite’s FAQs for Q-Park.

Brite Mobility is a Q-Park partner service. If you have any queries please contact Brite Mobility directly by one of the contact methods specified on their website.

Other questions?
You can contact us every day between 09h00 and 17h00 via Facebook and Twitter.
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