Bray - Security Features

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  • This car park is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so there will always be someone onsite to assist you should you need them. If they are not in the office they will be elsewhere in the car park assisting other customers.


    This car park is patrolled regularly by our dedicated parking hosts who will be able to assist with any queries that you may have. Should you need assistance please press any of the help buttons in the car park.


    This car park has the very latest technology in closed-circuit television cameras. These are spread out across the car park to ensure as much of the facility as possible is covered to provide peace of mind for you and your vehicle.


    This car park has 24/7 customer service even when a parking host is not available. If you need assistance press the help button on any parking equipment to call our Customer Service Centre. They will be able to assist with most queries and can also call a parking host should they not be able to help you. They also monitor the CCTV cameras in our parking facilities.

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