Visitor Parking Portal

Q-Park are delighted to announce the launch of their pioneering new Visitor Parking Portal that is designed to provide a more seamless customer journey for offices, hotels and events venues across the country.

Why We Created The Visitor Parking Portal

There has been an ever-growing demand from local businesses for a system where they can book parking for their visitors or delegates digitally. There are numerous reasons for this, one being the lack of trust in public transport following the various industrial strikes recently.

Secondly many businesses want to be able to improve the customer journey and pre-arrange parking as part of their overall service package. This results in a stress-free parking experience which will only improve the chance of repeat visits.

What Is The Visitor Parking Portal?

As ever, Q-Park took a consultative approach with its local stakeholders and was flexible enough to manoeuvre its technological assets to be able to create a unique product for them. On the newly created Visitor Parking Portal, businesses can enter the name, email address and number plate (if they have it) for their visitor. That visitor then receives an email with the address of the car park and are advised that all they need to do is simply drive in and out of the car park using Q-Park’s innovative PaSS Automatic Number Plate Recognition system.

If, when the business made the booking, they did not know the visitors number plate then that visitor is sent a link where they can enter it themselves. The visitor does not need to make any payment at the car park, this is invoiced to the business post-parking. This allows for them to either pay for the parking for their customer or alternatively build this into their product pricing.

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