Q-Park is committed to responsible energy use and is consistently reviewing and improving energy efficient and environmental factors in all parking facilities and offices. 

Q-Park uses energy efficient materials when possible, including LED sensor lighting in almost all parking facilities and offices, with a continuing plan to upgrade all facilities.

LED Transformation Project Overview

Q-Park strives to encourage a more environmentally conscious and energy efficient lifestyle, offering electric vehicle discounted Season Tickets and other incentives for electric vehicle drivers. Q-Park is the first parking operator to roll out electric vehicle chargers across all major cities in England. You can read more about Electric Vehicle products and offers here. 

Q-Park will practice energy efficiency in all premises, plant, equipment and processes wherever it is cost effective ensuring continual improvement in energy performance.  

Our aim is to support the purchase of energy-efficient products and services wherever possible and design for energy performance improvements. Our energy performance shall be monitored, managed and regularly reviewed via an Energy Management System that meets the requirements of ISO50001:2011.

Within this International Standard, via energy consumption data capture, realistic achievable targets will be set that includes Group initiatives plus operational energy goals. We are committed to comply with applicable energy, legal and other requirements including Carbon Reduction Commitment and Corporate Social Responsibilities.

ISO50001:2011 Energy Management System

Case Studies

Q-Park formed a new partnership with Toyota Ireland which allows all drivers of self-charging hybrid vehicles to take advantage of priority parking in four Q-Park car parks around the country.

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