Q-Park completes rebrand of the Hynes Yard car park

Q-Park are thrilled to complete the rebrand of the Hynes Yard parking facility in Galway City Centre.

Q-Park are thrilled to complete the rebrand of the Hynes Yard parking facility in Galway City Centre.

For many years Q-Park have operated the Eyre Square car park in Galway City Centre. This parking facility has become very popular with shoppers, tourists and commuters visiting the City of the Tribes due to Q-Park’s commitment to security, design and customer service excellence. As one of Ireland’s largest parking operators Q-Park have been on the hunt to grow their Galway footprint for many years but it must be the right parking facility to invest in.

Last year Q-Park completed the well-publicised purchase of Park Rite and part of their portfolio was the Hynes Yard car park in Galway City Centre, a short distance away from Q-Park Eyre Square. This parking facility was exactly what Q-Park were looking for as part of their expansion plans in Galway and it had always been on the target list. The car park was popular amongst a wide variety of different customer groups, well located but most importantly there were many areas where Q-Park could make improvements to delight both new and existing customers.

As well as the installation of the recognisable Q-Park branding on the building’s exterior, there has also been improvements made to customer wayfinding internally with clearer signage now fitted in both the vehicle and pedestrian areas. Q-Park have also already installed the futuristic PaSS Automatic Number Plate Recognition system to provide seamless access for both long-term and short-term parkers as well as opening up the parking facility for mobility partners to grant access to their target audiences. This has been done as part of a full refurbishment of the onsite parking management system. Next up is the completion of painting in both the pedestrian and vehicle areas including repairs and improvements made to the parking decks themselves, this will all give the car park a much more modern and fresher feel. The process has also already begun to increase the power supply from the local electricity grid into the facility so that EV Charging Points can be installed and commissioned as part of their nationwide EV Infrastructure rollout.

Alastair MacDonald, Head of Commercial & Operation at Q-Park Ireland commented ‘We are delighted to be able to make improvements to the first facility that was part of our acquisition of Park Rite. We hope that customers will be delighted with the improvements we are making with many more to come.’

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