Business Solutions

Parking and Partnerships.

We have tailored bespoke parking solutions and partnerships for businesses.

Q-Park is one of Ireland’s leading car park companies with 21 car parking facilities housing parking spaces in key locations across the country.

Q-Park is renowned throughout Europe for its unparalleled quality in parking from superb exterior and interior design through to outstanding customer service, making Q-Park a strong, highly respected and thoroughly trusted national and international brand.

Within our business sector, we can offer a partnership with a highly respected brand, property management, advertising opportunities, location hire and more.

There are also business specific products, such as the Business travel card, for your company employees.

If you have any business needs, please get in touch and we will see how we can work with you. See below for current business solutions. 

Employee Parking Platform
Exclusive discounted platform for employees that pay for their own parking

Event Parking

Are you organising an event, such as a festival or wedding, that needs a parking solution? 

Customer Parking

Hotels, gyms and other businesses can add value by adding parking to their customer benefits.

Location Hire and Advertising

Hire a space for filming or photography, or advertise in our car parks across Ireland.


Attract more customers by offering convenient city centre parking close to your location and gain from the considerable benefits of a partnership with Q-Park.

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