Q Mark Certification Earned

Tazbell Services Group, a Q-Park owned business, has retained its Q Mark Level 3 Certification.

Tazbell Services Group, a Q-Park owned business, has retained its Q Mark Level 3 Certification.

For over 50 years now the Q Mark has been the symbol of quality for many organisations across Ireland. An astounding 87% of Irish consumers recognise the Q Mark brand and it continues to provide confidence to the public and consumers when purchasing goods and services. Q Mark certification from EIQA provides independent positive validation of the quality of the product or customer service.

The Q Mark is a National Certification Standard of Quality. The Q Mark brand and related certification programmes are owned and operated by EIQA (Excellence Ireland Quality Association). The Q Mark is awarded to organisations who meet specific standard criteria, following a rigorous annual independent assessment of their organisation. The Q Mark can be awarded to any organisation, once they demonstrate that they meet the criteria. It is widely used by consumer facing brands, service companies, production operations, professional services across the public, private, funded and voluntary sectors.

Q-Park completed the well publicised purchase of Tazbell Services Group last year including the popular Park Rite brand and are naturally delighted to have been able to retain their Q Mark Certification during such a busy period for both businesses.

Alastair MacDonald, Head of Commercial & Operation at Q-Park Ireland commented ‘We are thrilled that the hard work of the Q-Park Family, both new and old, have contributed to the retention of Q Mark Level 3 Certification. We thank the EIQA for taking the time to audit the business’

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